Expert Construction Accident Lawyer For Your Case

One thing that is sure is that a safe construction site is not just a requirement by law but it’s the right of every hard working American who works on a construction site. 

An accident at the workplace can be disastrous for you and your family. You will be suffering and during that suffering you will also have to endure the investigation of an insurance company who does not always have your best interest at heart. More than likely they are trying to find a way to blame you for the injuries you have endured. 

We won’t let them. 

There is no system out there, workers compensation or otherwise that you should rely on regardless of your relationship to the company or your boss. Not when your family is at stake. 

If you are considering filing a class action lawsuit, contact The Hawkins Law Group.

The legal team at the Hawkins Law Group will start an investigation immediately to protect you and your family as well as uphold your rights. 

The Hawkins Law Group represents wrongful death cases in Atlanta.

Our Atlanta legal team at the Hawkins Law Group will work with the investigating authorities to ensure that they and we know all the facts surrounding your case.  

Our team will examine the scene and be sure that all evidence is preserved for you before it is covered, hidden or even destroyed. Time is of the essence in contacting a construction accident attorney immediately after your injury. 

Any experienced Atlanta construction accident lawyer can say they will protect your rights, though many may not be up to the challenges, the possible threats and implication that these legal battles may bring about. We will be by your side every step of the way so that you can focus on recovering while we focus on your case.

For a free consultation contact us immediately so that we may ensure the best results for your case. 

A few things to review before you consider your position.


We determine if you have a strong case by first speaking with you to assess your position.  Then we will involve the experts and witnesses to find out more details and how best to serve you. This group would include the OSHA experts to better identify the cause of the accident involving your case. With the retention of a life care expert and vocational experts we can determine the extent of your injuries and their long term effects. 

We will also hire mechanical design and equipment maintenance experts if tools or equipment was involved. Also if there were any OSHA violations, they could play a key part in an ‘on the job’ injury. OSHA violations on an Atlanta Construction site my commonly involve:

  • A Scaffolding accident
  • A crane accident
  • Falling from a Roof
  • Falling from Staging
  • Falling from a ladder
  • Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  • Exposure to Energy
  • Cave-ins
  • Walls Collapsing
  • Trenches Collapsing

Our extensive understanding OSHA safety codes and regulations give us the means to best protect your rights.

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