Protect Your Rights with the Help of a Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents often sound less severe than they really are. In fact, these accidents can result in severe and life-threatening injuries, leaving the victim and his or her family overwhelmed with medical bills.​ Attorney Shelly Hawkins, a slip and fall attorney in Atlanta, GA, can investigate your injury and determine which party is accountable for the injuries you sustained on someone else’s property.  Attorney Hawkins has represented many victims and their families to hold negligent parties accountable and to secure compensation. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, contact our law firm to speak with us about your case.

A man in a suit slips near a wet floor sign

Slip and fall accidents can occur as a result of a property owner's negligence. 

Slip and Fall Accidents and Premises Liability: Preventable Injuries

Like other premises liability cases, slip and fall accidents are those that take place on another person’s property. These accidents are almost always the result of property owner negligence. Injuries are easily preventable with proper maintenance; however, when property owners allow certain aspects of the property to fall into disrepair, they create hazards for guests.

Regardless of the cause, almost every slip and fall accident stems from one party’s negligence.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Slip and fall accidents can occur in private residences such as homes or apartment complexes. They can happen in a friend or family member’s home. These accidents can also take place at a business, such as a grocery store or mall. While the property owner has a duty to provide safe conditions, employees or other customers may create hazards that can cause injury.

What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

There are a number of different reasons slip and fall accidents can occur, including uneven tile, flooring, or sidewalks; mats or rugs that are improperly secured; wet floors; impeded walkways; and other unmarked hazards. Regardless of the cause, almost every slip and fall accident stems from the negligence of another party. 

Injuries Ranging from Minor to Severe

Slip and fall accidents can cause any number of personal injuries ranging from minor to traumatic. Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents may include minor bruises or sprains or head, neck, spinal cord, or brain injuries. In the most severe cases, a slip and fall accident can result in death. Regardless of the severity of your injury, you will need an attorney on your side to represent your interests.

What an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney Can Do for You

Attorney Hawkins can swiftly investigate your claim to determine the cause of the fall. From there, she can determine whether the property owner is liable. If so, she can proceed with filing a claim on your behalf. This claim will seek to recover compensation for your medical bills and any lost wages as well as for pain and suffering. In the tragic event that a slip and fall accident has caused the untimely death of a loved one, Attorney Hawkins can file a wrongful death claim on your behalf. In pursuing compensation, she can ensure you and your family do not suffer financially as a result of your injury.

Hire Hawkins Law Group to Represent You

If you or a friend or loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property, call our office at (678) 376-3900 or contact Hawkins Law Group today to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Hawkins has represented many victims of slip and fall accidents and can help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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